This app was designed to help people who know someone who has sexually assaulted someone else.

Firstly, I am sorry you are going through this. Finding out someone you know has committed a sexual assault is a hard thing to go through, and oftentimes traumatic. If you are uncertain of what to do, that is okay. If you are angry, that is okay. If you are hurting or crying or screaming or experiencing any other type of emotional reaction, that is all okay.

You might be confused, and not sure what to do. I hope this interactive will help you gather ideas for what to do in this situation. You can use this interactive to help direct the person to resources to prevent future offenses, but if that is unsafe for you in any way, you are not required or expected to interact with this person. We also have resources to take care of yourself in this process.

We want to address all parts of the cycle of abuse in order to more quickly bring an end to it, and to stress that the burden is not on the person who has survived sexual assault to end sexual assault.

Which resources would you like to access now?

Treatment Resources
Reporting Resources
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